Consumer & Do-It-Yourself

The Consumer & Do-It-Yourself market segment includes industry professionals involved in: Household, Craft, & Do-It-Yourself type projects.

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The ASC Vendor Select Tool is a quick and efficient way for a user to find a particular chemistry type that is typically used in a market segment divided by adhesives and sealants for finished goods. The tool can also be used to find typical raw material types, as well as equipment. It drives the user to companies within the ASC membership that supply finished goods, raw materials and equipment for the adhesive and sealant industry.



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Consumer & DIY Resources

4/27/2017 3:05:41 PM

HB Fuller Opens New Facilities in India

HB Fuller opened new offices in Pune in March 2017 and a new R&D facility at its Shirwal manufacturing plant in India. The miles...

4/26/2017 4:58:13 PM

Lego Adhesive Tape Adds a New Dimension to a Traditional Toy

When you were a kid, the only place to start building a Lego construction was the floor, but now no surface, not even a vertical one, wil...

4/18/2017 3:06:19 PM

Stores Sell Out of Glue Thanks to Kids’ Craze

When one hears that stores are selling out of glue owing to a kids’ craze, one might raise an eyebrow and wonder what mischief is a...