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What if the Adhesive was Part of the Substrate in the First Place?

In her latest Transportation blog post, ChemQuest Director Dr. Cynthia Gosselin asks and answers the intriguing question, "What if the Adhesive was Part of the Substrate in the First Place?" One successful example of adhesive-coated steel is in use for automotive trim. According to Cynthia, the substrate is bright-annealed Type 304 stainless steel, which does not inherently exhibit good adhesion characteristics without specialized surface preparation. The stainless steel is pretreated and primed and the adhesive is applied on thin-width coils. This formable two-coat system improves roll forming and has inherent over-bake resistance properties. A wide variety of EPDM and SBR rubber compounds are bonded to these systems and used on many automotive window trim applications. This coil-coated product is an asset to Tier 1 assembly operations in streamlining the manufacturing of components requiring a high level of quality in this very visible application. The fact that coils, rather than individual formed parts, are coated, ensures a consistently pretreated and coated end product on a difficult-to-bond substrate. Read Cynthia's entire post here:

Posted on 4/13/2018 6:28:14 PM

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