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Questions concerning results from my dissertation on single lap tensile tested bonded specimens

Dear Members, Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Omar and I'm a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Bradford, UK. I have undertaken a dissertation titled: Induction Heating Induced Bonding For Manufacturing Purposes The rationale behind the project is to test a patented thermoplastic adhesive to bond various specimens together using induction heating, in two different overlap measurements and then perform a single lap tensile test I have a few questions concerning my results. The addition of 404 grade polypropylene with the thermoplastic adhesive improved the failure load greatly, whilst treating the surface with acetone decreased the failure load for example. If you can assist with my questions I will be happy to attach my complete dissertation, provide specific questions, quote you in my report and include you in the acknowledgement section. Thank You, Omar Bahadur

Posted on 4/7/2018 11:17:28 AM

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