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How to avoid squeeze-out issues in Paint?

Hello All, Does anyone have any material or design guideline for body shop bulk sealer applications? The right amount of material to be applied to avoid squeeze out issues? Thanks very much!

Posted on 11/16/2017 10:01:56 AM
  • David Green

    Try using tape products with fixed dimensions like 3M VHB tape: It can bond and seal or at least prevent the squeeze out while acting as a “third hand” while the sealant cures.

    159 days ago
  • Rod Buckley

    How can we help you.

    157 days ago
  • Todd White

    Graco produces closed loop fluid control dispense equipment for this exact scenario. It's really not a material issue but a dispensing location and amount issue. Closed loop systems like the Graco PCF allows you to vary material dispensed via a Flow Meter and fluid regulator reliably in Body Shop and paint Shop applications down to 1cc of material.

    157 days ago

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