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The Benefits of Adhesive Technologies in Manufacturing

The benefits of using adhesive technologies in processing are well documented and enable manufacturing innovation.

Posted on 4/30/2015 6:53:38 PM

It's appealing, but often diffcult to bond. Here's the secret to strong adhesion for high gloss packaging.

High gloss, colorful packaging tends to stand out on store shelves and is eye-catching to consumers. This type of packaging attracts shoppers and differentiates itself from competitors.

Posted on 4/30/2015 2:19:07 PM

Polyurethane structural adhesives VS epoxy structural adhesives

Polyurethane based adhesives dominate overall structural adhesives but why not epoxies? As with the growing composites industry demand for epoxy is incresing from aerospace, automotive, rail, marine.

Posted on 4/28/2015 12:35:35 PM

IVK – German Adhesives Association: German Authorities plan Olfactory Testing for Construction Products

The German Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) has initiated a project for the evaluation of a test method for olfactory/odours testing of construction products. Due to the fact that th...

Posted on 4/27/2015 1:30:12 PM

Avoiding splice breaks when coating adhesives

Posted on 4/21/2015 1:23:44 PM

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me answer a question on GC analysis of hotmelts for migration testing?

Does anyone have an idea how long an SIS polymer might take to run through a GC column? I understand that it might be different based on the column etc, but I'm hoping that in general someone might have an answer I ca...

Posted on 4/17/2015 6:49:26 AM