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About and connects you to the people, companies, and technology that support the industry’s bonding and sealing needs.


Created in 2008 as an educational portal, the newly expanded website allows you to learn more about the science and chemistry of adhesives and sealants, while also allowing you to engage with the industry supply chain. Whether you leverage the market segment news and blog feeds, join a discussion via LinkedIn’s group, conduct research utilizing the student resource center, or simply download whitepapers, is your adhesives and sealants resource.

4/22/2014 6:35:01 AM

Plastisol Adhesive

Any information about plastisol adhesives ? Application areas, advantages and disadvantages , manufacturers ?

4/21/2014 5:01:56 PM

Helping today's electronics perform in harsher and more demanding environments, and helping manufacturers move from “concept to customer” quickly is connecting what matters.

H.B. Fuller understands the need for today's electronics to perform in harsher and more demanding environments, and how this is challengi...

4/23/2014 6:47:29 PM


I’m WARNING You I'll begin with a confession …..I have a baseball addiction.   My wife says I should seek help, bu...

4/22/2014 3:43:50 PM

New Multi-Material Fast Cure Adhesive with High Gap Filling Ability and Bond Strength By Loctite

Henkel Austraila presents Loctite 3090, a new multi-material adhesive that represents the latest in 2-component adhesive technology. Loct...

4/22/2014 3:40:53 PM

High-performing Surgical Adhesive Utilizes Nanoparticles

A newly developed medical adhesive uses silica or iron oxide nanoparticles to heal wounds or incisions. The nanoparticles are in a liquid...

2/27/2014 9:35:24 PM

Adhesives 201 Webinar: Waterborne Formulating

May 14, 2014 – 10:00AM EST (90 minutes) + Q&A session  Session Description: An introduction to formulating waterbor...

2/26/2014 8:28:58 PM

Hot Melt Formulating Webinar

Webinar Time: May 21, 2014 – 10:00AM EST (90 minutes) presentation plus Q&A session  Session Description: Hot mel...

2/26/2014 5:24:23 PM

Mergers & Acquisitions Webinar

Webinar Time: June 11, 2014 – 10:00AM EST (60 minutes) presentation plus Q&A session Session Description: The time for c...